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Mrinal Sen Passed Away: End of Golden Era of Indian Cinema; 30th Dec 2018:-; 30th Dec 2018:: Legendary Bengali movie maker Mrinal Sen (95) breathed his last today at 1030 hrs at his residence in Kolkata, leaving behind his only son Kunal. Sen lost his wife Geeta Sen last year. Mrinal Sen was suffering from geriatric ailments.
Noted film director Mrinal Sen was born in 1923 in the town of Faridpur, now in Bangladesh, and finished his high school from there. He then came to Calcutta to study physics and was involved with the cultural wing of the CPI during his student days. He worked as a medical representative for a while, and then returned to Calcutta to start working as an audio technician in a Technicians’ Studio, which marked the beginning of his film career.
who was honoured with the Padma Bhushan and the Dada Saheb Phalke Award, produced critically acclaimed films such as Bhuvan Shome, Mrigaya, Padatik, Aaksh Kusum and several other films. He focused on social realities, bringing to the screen political unrest of the times. Along with his counterparts Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Ghatak, Mrinal Sen is considered one of the greatest Bengali film makers.
Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed her grief on the sad demise of Mrinal sen

Filmography of Mrinal Sen ---
Feature films
• Raat Bhore (The Dawn) (1955)
• Neel Akasher Neechey (Under the Blue Sky) (1959)
• Baishey Shravana (Wedding Day) (1960)
• Punascha (Over Again) (1961)
• Abasheshe (And at Last) (1963)
• Pratinidhi (The Representative) (1964)
• Akash Kusum (Up in the Clouds) (1965)
• Matira Manisha (Man of the Soil) (Odia film) (1966)
• Bhuvan Shome (Mr. Bhuvan Shome) (1969)
• Interview (1971)
• Ek Adhuri Kahani (An Unfinished Story) (1971)
• Calcutta 71 (1972)
• Padatik (The Guerilla Fighter) (1973)
• Chorus (1974)
• Mrigayaa (The Royal Hunt) (1976)
• Oka Oori Katha (The Outsiders) (1977)
• Parasuram (The Man with the Axe) (1978)
• Ek Din Pratidin (And Quiet Rolls the Dawn) (1979)
• Akaler Sandhane (In Search of Famine) (1980)
• Chalchitra (The Kaleidoscope) (1981)
• Kharij (The Case Is Closed) (1982)
• Khandhar (The Ruins) (1983)
• Genesis (1986)
• Ek Din Achanak (Suddenly, One Day) (1989)
• Mahaprithibi (World Within, World Without) (1991)
• Antareen (The Confined) (1993)
• Aamaar Bhuvan (This, My Land) (2002)
Short films
• Ichhapuran (The Wish Fulfillment) (1970)
• Tasveer Apni Apni (Portrait of an Average Man) (1984)
• Aparajit (Unvanquished) (1986–87)
• Kabhi Door Kabhi Paas (Sometimes Far, Sometimes Near) (1986–87)
• Swamvar (The Courtship) (1986–87)
• Aina (The Mirror) (1986–87)
• Ravivar (Sunday) (1986–87)
• Aajkaal (These Days) (1986–87)
• Do Bahene (Two Sisters) (1986–87)
• Jit (Win) (1986–87)
• Saalgira (Anniversary) (1986–87)
• Shawl (1986–87)
• Ajnabi (The Stranger) (1986–87)
• Das Saal Baad (Ten Years Later) (1986–87)
• Moving Perspectives (1967)
• Tripura Prasanga (1982)
• City Life — Calcutta My El Dorado (1989)
• And the Show Goes On — Indian Chapter (1999)

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